Omega Bone
My Story
Striking the Chords of Emotion: A Captivating Musical Expedition with Jeremy Rigs - From the Ethereal Harmonies of Dreams to the Soul-Stirring Crescendos of Reality, Embarking on a Sonic Voyage that Transcends Boundaries and Echoes Across Generations"
With dazzling performances in
Blues, Country, Gospel, House, Jazz, Latin, Musical Theater, Opera, Pop, R&B, Rock and Soul, Omega's authentic American sound can make your production shine.
A dynamic artist whose supercharged vocals bring music to life and crowds to their feet, Omega Bone has traveled the world, delivering dazzling performances in Jazz Musical Theater, Gospel, Soul and even Classical music. Omega’s exciting sound can rock any party and bring down any house.
Singing Portfolio
Final Fantasy
Light of God
Singer Songwriter Music Education Specialist
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